Bygone Wagons

3d Printed representations of UK rolling stock.

GWR-LNER "PARROT" CRATE WAGON...$50 plus postage.

3D Printed representation of a crate wagon, GWR and LNER used during WW2 for carrying crated aircraft sent from the U.S. Also other loads, and later used for OHL cabling work. Grey primed and with metal wheels in romford bearings for smooth running. White Brake handwheels supplied loose to help later painting. Standard mini tension coupling in nem pocket as well. Printed crate as a load included unpainted. Add an Airfix model as a load as shown here.

Running on my layout.

WW2 ramp wagon, used where field loading and unloading of Tanks is needed. $35 plus postage.

All 3d printed using coloured filament so no paint on this. Ideal to do a dirty wash to tone them down, or leave as factory fresh. 3 hole wheels running in romford bearings so free running. Nem pocket with mini tension lock supplied. Kadee's fit too.



Video of them on my layout

Ramp Wagon, used to load tanks where other means weren't available.

Early tankers with company name boards $40 plus postage.

Early tank wagons with name boards. Steel or Timber chassis versions. Tank seperates so re colouring is easier. Chasis painted black with tanks painted a mid blue colour.