Wagons created with help from another web base designer.

I added parts and modified wagon's created by Irin Mink from Thingiverse. A web base print file sharing site. They have allowed free sharing and modifying, selling so am happy listing them here.

Check out what they have created......



LMS/BR Weltrol wagons.

Model of an LMS/BR Weltrol 20 ton 4 wheel trolley wagon. With and witout timber baulks. Grey primed with nem pockets and metal wheels, mini tension couplers as well. Kadee's on mine but mini tensions only supplied. New versions have a timber stained deck too as per the Baulk version.

Base wagon $35.

With a single cable reel load $40.

With a double cable reel load $45.

With timber baulks only $40.

Cable reel load in cradle available seperateley as well single $5, double $10.

Running on my layout


GWR/BR Weltrol trolley wagons.

GWR/BR Weltrol trolley wagons.

LMS 20 Ton Hopper's

Model of LMS 20 ton hoppers in 3 version's. Low, medium and hi sided.

Grey primed with metal wheel's and nem coupler pocket's. Mini tension couplers supplied but kadee's fit as well. These are light and will need either a load added or more weight. 3 are shown with approx 4mm grey ballast siting on a shaped foam insert, which brings them to near 35grams which seems ideal for running.

$35 for either variant.

I have scaled up an O gauge version too, which im trying to work out the best way to do, probably as a kit so your own wheels and couplings etc can be fitted at assembly. Feel free to ask and give me pointers re what buffers etc would be suitable if you want to fit your own sprung. Im looking to only send out the parts for assembly yourself.

Dolomite Hoppers on Conflat bases.

These were used to carry limestone to the iron foundrys where the hoppers would be emptied directly into the furnace by the ring on top. 3d printed with the appropriate chasis underneath. Nem pockets and primed with a grey paint ready for further finishing.

Hoppers are removable as well.

Wagon only $40.

With 2 hoppers $50. 

https://youtu.be/MPeJ6ma4uls on the layout.

                                                                                           Resin printed example.............


Standard BR type 24 ton hoppers, Iron Mink's body sitting on my own drawn and printed chassis.

Nem pockets and primed with a grey paint ready for further finishing, 12mm wheels and standard tension couplings.

I can supply as a kit and without wheels and couplings for less, just ask.

Full wagon $38.