ICI BOGIE HOPPER WAGON $45 plus post/pack etc. 

3D Printed representation of an ICI bogie hopper wagon. Grey primed and with metal wheels for smooth running. Either the plate bogie or diamond frame available.White Brake handwheels supplied loose to help later painting. Standard mini tension coupling in nem pocket as well. Will take EM wheels too. 

Includes a removable upper insert to make it easier to add a load to represent limestone.

Can be supplied without wheels and couplings to reduce cost using your own.


Running on my layout.


3D Printed representation of a BR Insixfish van, 6 wheeled for fish transport. Grey primed and with metal wheels for smooth running. With tension lock couplings supplied but can take Kadee's, I prefer these but thats just my choice. 

The wheels have sideways movement to negotiate curves down to 2nd radius with no real problem, they will find bad track but thats true of most longer wheelbase wagons. I have weighted these upto 70 grams and reccomend Hornby wheels as the deeper flange helps tracking, built van's are supplied with these.

I have sent this as a kit with no wheels or couplings and that would be $35.

lovely finished example on a customers track.